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          1. 泰安揚帆數控科技有限公司為您提供山東自動焊接設備等相關信息發布和資訊展示,敬請關注!





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            自動焊機可以實現焊 接過程的機械化和自動化,是為了適應我國產業升級和產業轉型發展而發生的重大變化。它不僅標志著更高的焊 接生產效率和更好的焊 接質量,而且還大大改 善了生產勞動條件。在使用自動焊機時,大家是否知道自動焊機需要根據不同的環境進行必要的調整。

            Automatic welding machine can realize the mechanization and automation of welding process, which is a great change in order to adapt to the industrial upgrading and industrial transformation development in China. It not only marks higher welding production efficiency and better welding quality, but also greatly improves the production and working conditions. When using the automatic welding machine, do you know that the automatic welding machine needs to be adjusted according to different environments.
            1.自動焊機作業時,氣路、水冷系統應暢 通。氣體應保持干燥。排水溫度不得超過40℃,排水量可根據氣溫調節。嚴禁在電弧引燃過程中斷開熔斷器。當清除焊縫焊渣時,應戴防護眼鏡,頭部應避開敲擊焊渣飛濺方向。雨天不得在露天電焊。在潮濕地帶作業時,包括全 面自然通風和全 面機械通風兩種。
            1. When the automatic welding machine is working, the gas path and water cooling system should be unblocked. The gas should be kept dry. The drainage temperature shall not exceed 40 ℃, and the drainage volume can be adjusted according to the air temperature. It is strictly forbidden to disconnect the fuse during arc ignition. When removing welding slag, wear protective glasses, and keep the head away from the splashing direction of welding slag. Welding in the open air is not allowed in rainy days. When working in humid area, there are two kinds of ventilation: natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation.
            2.全 面自然通風通過車間側窗和天窗進行自然換氣。全 面機械通風通過管道及風機等組成通風系統進行全車間通風換氣,通車有上抽排煙、下抽排煙和橫向排煙三種方式。
            2. Full natural ventilation, natural ventilation through the workshop side window and skylight. The ventilation system is composed of pipes and fans to ventilate the whole workshop. There are three ways to open to traffic: upper exhaust, lower exhaust and transverse exhaust.
            The automatic welding machine used on site shall be equipped with rain proof, moisture-proof and sun proof shed, and corresponding fire-fighting equipment. When welding or cutting at high altitude, the safety belt must be fastened, fire prevention measures shall be taken around and below the welding, and special person shall be assigned to supervise. The operator shall stand at the place paved with insulating materials and wear insulating shoes.


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