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            Welding is a very important process in the winding processing of motor products. Welding is a very important link whether it is formed winding or embedded winding, whether it is the connection between winding and lead wire, or the connection between this line in winding. It can be found in the process of fault motor analysis and treatment that there are many electrical faults caused by poor welding quality.
            Different motor manufacturers have different treatment processes for this link, but the treatment principle is roughly the same, that is, clean the insulation layer of the electromagnetic wire first. Whether it is enamelled wire or wrapped wire, this link is more troublesome, especially for the case of multiple turns and winding, the cleaning of the electromagnetic insulation is particularly difficult. Some manufacturers use scrapers, Some manufacturers use chemical methods, but no matter which kind, the efficiency is very low. What's more serious is that when the insulation layer of electromagnetic wire is not completely treated, the welding effect is poor, the problems may not be exposed during semi-finished product inspection and motor factory test, and the motor is prone to failure during operation.
            To solve this problem, professional welding equipment came into being. In the welding process of the equipment, the insulating layer on the electromagnetic line is cleaned by high-temperature heating, and the hot melting method is adopted to melt the welded object into one. It is a very efficient and reliable welding method. Most automatic welding equipment applies inverter technology and microelectronic control technology, which has many advantages, such as accurate control, wide process adaptability, energy saving, high efficiency, stability, simple operation and so on.
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