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            The development of welding positioner in China has been quite mature and perfect. We can simply understand the welding positioner in this way, that is, changing the welding position can change the vertical welding, overhead welding and other processes into flat welding, effectively reduce the welding difficulty and complete the welding task. Is the structure of the welding positioner we purchased reasonable? How to judge, let's learn about it together.
            Welding positioner
            1. Check the turnover transmission of welding positioner
            (1) The tilting transmission shall be stable without shaking under load and the whole machine will not overturn. When the load Q exceeds 25kg, it shall have power drive function.
            (2) Set the limit device to control the inclination and have the angle indication mark.
            (3)傾斜機構具有自鎖功能,在負載下不滑移,安 全可靠。
            (3) The tilting mechanism has self-locking function, does not slip under load, and is safe and reliable.
            2. Check the positioner rotary drive motor
            (1) The rotating drive motor shall realize stepless speed regulation and braking.
            (2) Within the rotating speed range, the speed fluctuation under load shall not exceed 5%.
            3. Other precautions
            (1) The positioner shall be equipped with conductive device to avoid welding current passing through the bearing, gear and other transmission parts. The resistance of conductive equipment shall not exceed 1m Ω, and its capacity shall meet the requirements of welding rated current.
            (2) The control part of positioner shall be provided with linkage interface for automatic welding.
            (3) The structure of the workbench shall facilitate the clamping of workpieces or the installation of fixtures, and its structural form can be determined through consultation with the user.
            (4)焊接變位機的負載、偏心和重 心距的準確數據應在焊接變位機使用說明書中明確說明。
            (4) The accurate data of load, eccentricity and center of gravity distance of welding positioner shall be clearly stated in the operation manual of welding positioner.
            In people's eyes, welding positioner may be regarded as an unimportant product. However, internationally, there are more than 100 series of products, including multi-functional products. Technically, there are ordinary models; With or without gap drive servo control type. Huatianlong CNC equipment is dedicated to the R &amp; D and production of automatic welding equipment such as welding robot, welding positioner and dynamic welding machine.


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